Seeing the Folks

The only problem with writing a blog is you have to remember to write it!  Sarah and I have made many a trip since my last missive so I thought I would break it up and share with you our trip to see the folks…..Norfolk and Suffolk.

Some of you readers, I think there are three of you, will remember that Sarah, my beloved wife and sharer of my coffee adventures, harkens from the land of Ed Sheeran, Laura Wright, the Suffolk Soprano; June Brown, (or Dot Cotton as most of us know her), and Lord Voldemort himself, Ralph Fiennes.

Sometimes  we get the urge to be near the sea, the sunny sea and the sky, I left my vest and socks there…..I wonder if they’re dry. (thanks Spike Milligan, your best poem ever!).  So, with the urge upon us we first went to Orford.  Our aim, being members of the National Trust, was to visit Orford Ness.  Now here’s the thing, we actually left our home in Dunstable at about 12…ish.  It takes, with the wind behind us, a couple of hours and I think we were about twenty minutes away when Sarah, who had been perusing the NT guide said…..oh…….then there was a pause…….it’s closed!!  As I pulled into the car park I thanked my lucky stars it looked very pretty.  We walked along the banks of the River Ore, in an area almost seemingly untouched by the modern world, although it still charged us for parking so not that untouched, and I’m going to be honest, I fell in love.

My friends will know that if I really like somewhere, I say I am going to buy a house there.  I wanted to buy a street here. I felt calm and at peace and when Sarah and I sat and eat our picnic, (yes, that day we were organised), we watched families play in the sand / silt / mud, we heard the laughter of the village elders as Sally, (not her real name), made farting noise that sounded like the backfiring of a Sherman tank and drank in the scenery, we knew one thing, and one thing only, was missing……!!

We walked to the Riverside Tearoom and watched locals work on their sailing boats.  The tearooms has a decking overlooking the river and here we rested…again.


I ordered my obligatory cappuccino, (with caffeine!!) and Sarah had tea.  We shared a coffee and walnut cake and just chatted.  The cake was a bit dry but the coffee was greatly welcomed.  Would I recommend coming here?  Oh yes!  It’s not one for kids and anyone who wants excitement but just to relax, it’s a good choice.

toilet  toilet

cup-of-coffee3  cup-of-coffee3

Our next foray was north to Norfolk.  I had never been to Brancaster before and I am so glad I did.  My sisters-in-law love it there and I can see why.  Sarah and I walked along the beach with the wind whipping quite excitedly behind us.  One of the little quirks that Sarah has is that she doesn’t like walking back on herself when we are out for walks so we do a lot of circular walks.  This day, I really wish we had stuck to that.  There was no way of doing it without checking out the entire North Norfolk coast so we turned round.

That excited wind I just mentioned went ballistic.  Like Lawrence of Arabia, I battled forth, (I know Sarah did as well but this is all about me), into the eye of the storm.  The sand devils blew around us, picking up seaweed, shells and small puppies, (poetic licence), and I remember thinking, I may leave this place, with rugged lines upon my face and tousled hair.  Obviously being bald, ginger and pretty much translucent, I could only pretend that was how I now looked. The mirror in the gents told me I was just red!!

We leapt into the car and drove to Hunstanton, slightly Southwest of Brancaster.  We parked in the town and just walked.  As long as you ignore the “kiss me quick” bit, unless you like that sort of thing, it too is worth a visit.  We heard the band play in the pavilion, Sarah won a fiver in the 2-penny pusher in the amusements and we had fish and chips.

The siren sang her song and we eventually found ourselves in Beccas Kitchen.


It may have been a bad day, I don’t know, but the coffee was so strong, even I couldn’t drink it and the cake was dry and although we shared it between us, we couldn’t finish it.  Based on that visit, would I recommend it, perhaps not but maybe, on another day, it might be worth it.

I give it 1 coffee and only because I can’t give it a zero.  I know there was at least one toilet and it was wheelchair accessible so not all bad.



Author: the1stcoffeehouse

I am a self confessed coffeeholic, walker and lover of life. I have a wonderful wife, (you'll hear more about her), and three amazing children. I live in a great town, although widely thought of as not a great town, surrounded by gorgeous countryside. I also earn money through working as a Manual Handling Consultant, ( in order to fund my coffee addiction.

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