The Book Stop Cafe

People who think they know me may not realise but I can be a bit spontaneous. For example, one day I decided to accompany my then best friend to the RAF recruitment office.  He wanted to be a pilot.  I had every intention of staying on at college, completing my science courses and eventually becoming a Forensic Pathologist.  He left with his tail between his legs.  I left with an appointment for a medical, which eventually led to a less than illustrious 10-day military career!!

Another time, at about 10am on a Sunday morning I woke up and decided we, as a family, should drive to Sherwood Forest and have a look at the supposed haunts of one of my childhood heroes.  It took us more than two hours to get there, we had a walk and a quick look at the Major Oak, had a cuppa with a scone and tons of cream and then drove two and a half hours back.  We had a great day!

This diatribe brings me to our Saturday drive to Lincoln.  No plan, normal for us, and pretty much no idea that it would take over two hours to drive there as well.  The place was heaving. Little did we know, and this is the major downfall of those “let’s go for an adventure on the spot” kind of plans, there was massive amounts of things going on in Lincoln that day.  A food Market, an art expo and a “lets see how many cars we can get in one square foot” conference.  Finding a car parking spot was a nightmare.  Eventually we found a tiny patch of dying grass at the back of a car park and et voila.  I wasn’t sure there was going to be a car there when we got back because the sign right next to my car said…..No Parking.  Oh well, what’s the worse that can happen?

Sarah and I have fallen in love with the Old Town of Lincoln. The architecture is beautiful and the food market, well.  We had an Ostrich Burger…mmmm and because I am a greedy pig, a had an authentic Lincoln Samosa as desert!

We wanted to go to the Cathedral and Castle but time was of the essence and we wanted to walk around the town and of course, have a coffee.  It wasn’t that difficult to be honest but Sarah won’t let me relax until we have walked the obligatory 11,000 steps. There are many beverage establishments in the centre and we chose one at the top of the aptly named Steep Hill, and Christ’s Hospital Terrace.

The Book Stop Café is situated under the Imperial Teas of Lincoln shop, which, if you like tea, is a great place to shop. The Café is not wheelchair accessible and to access it, you have to walk down a few steps. It was quite warm inside, both in character and temperature, but that may have been partly due to the climb up the aforementioned hill.

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The coffee and tea were served in china cups so very quaint but the tea was served in a stylish, modern tea pot. There are, unsurprisingly, a wide choice of teas and the coffee was nice and strong despite being decaf.  Price wise, pretty much normal for todays Coffee provider.

They sell books as well and that to me is a perfect combination.

The staff were absolutely lovely but there was a big downside for me.  They do not have their own toilet but there is a public one opposite and the waitress did say that if I did not have a 20p piece, they would be happy to provide one. I thought that was sweet but thank god I was not desperate.

They are open 10am – 5pm every day.  After the short break, we finished our walk and returned to the car park to discover the car was………….still there and what’s more no ticket…hurrah.

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Author: the1stcoffeehouse

I am a self confessed coffeeholic, walker and lover of life. I have a wonderful wife, (you'll hear more about her), and three amazing children. I live in a great town, although widely thought of as not a great town, surrounded by gorgeous countryside. I also earn money through working as a Manual Handling Consultant, ( in order to fund my coffee addiction.

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