A Whistle Stop in Woodbridge

Our trip around Suffolk was still continuing and as we neared the old Market Town of Woodbridge I swear I picked up the aromatic, fragrant, (I know that’s a Tautology but leave me alone, I’m trying to be poetic), smell, (it’s the best I can do), of freshly roasted coffee.  I was probably imagining it but once I get that longing for a cup of java, I’ll make any old rubbish up.

We were driving towards the train station and found the aptly named Station Road.  I have a theory that most railway stations have a café, which turns out to be wrong, in my experience, about 50% of the time but nevertheless we were rewarded by a very pleasant find, the Whistle Stop Café.

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The café is what used to be the Woodbridge Railway Station and still looks like it.  It is right next door to the Woodbridge station Guest House, for those who want to stay longer and the area has much to see. There is a carpark there that according to the Cafe’s website, costs £2.50 for 24 hours which is a bargain!

The interior of the café is very “Olde Worlde”, very relaxing and reminiscent of an old English Train Station.  I can almost see a young Cary Grant and Grace Kelly standing on the platform.  The cloud in the distance lets them know the steam train is close and the lovers must soon leave each other.  Cary turns to Grace, holds her in his arms, looks into her eyes and says, in that smooth voice of his, “Oh my love, I hate to see you leave but, before you go, do you fancy a medium skinny, decaf, caffe latte with vanilla syrup?”

The café can seat 34 inside but I suspect that will be a little cramped and outside there is seating for about 64, (but there is no shelter).  We got there for an early lunch, which is good because it is popular.  I chose a black filtered coffee, which as it turned out was a seriously good move because filtered coffee refills only cost 80p!! Sarah chose a Sauvignon Blanc…hmmm. They serve hot and cold food and we were happy with our paninis.  They also have a range of speciality coffees should you wish.

There is a toilet but it is downstairs, right next door to the kitchen and there are two steps up to the toilet itself.  Not great for disabled I feel but perhaps there is an arrangement with the Guest House, who knows.

They have free WiFi for visitors to the café

After lunch, Sarah and I walked over the railway bridge and along the quay at Tidemill Yacht Harbour. It was a bit windy that day and Sarah inadvertently did her best impression of Marilyn Monroe as a gust took her dress to new heights!    We had a wonderful, relaxing afternoon and prepared for our drive home.

Our brief sojourn into Suffolk entices me to visit again, not only for the coffee, of course, but for the scenery and the people.  As it turned out, about 4 months ago I had to go back to Suffolk for business.  I didn’t know where I was and my Sat Nav was seriously having a laugh.  I had finished my business, (man, that sounds wrong), and took a wrong turn, finding myself back at station road.  I stopped and had a cappuccino and was again happy with my choice.  But it didn’t feel quite right and then I realised why…..my Marilyn was not with me…….

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Author: the1stcoffeehouse

I am a self confessed coffeeholic, walker and lover of life. I have a wonderful wife, (you'll hear more about her), and three amazing children. I live in a great town, although widely thought of as not a great town, surrounded by gorgeous countryside. I also earn money through working as a Manual Handling Consultant, (www.mjbtraining.co.uk) in order to fund my coffee addiction.

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