A genius idea

One thing my nearest and dearest knows is that I am obsessed with coffee.  I prefer a smooth, strong cappuccino with a light dusting of chocolate on the top, drunk in the congenial atmosphere of a relaxing café or coffee house and preferably in the company of my wonderful wife.  If she’s not free, a good book will do!

The world as I know it is swarming with chains of tea houses and coffee houses so what I search for are the independents, the single café staffed by those with a passion for their art; but also staffed by individuals who don’t crack up when I ask for Decaf!!  Yes, the world has kicked me in the proverbial knackers and I am limited to only a couple of full-fat coffees a day.

So, why the blog? Sarah, the aforementioned missus,  and I were sitting outside a small café in Edinburgh having a pleasant beverage when I had a eureka moment……why work when I can drink coffee!!!!!  Apparently you have to work to be able to pay for the coffee.  2nd Eureka moment…write a book about coffee…..already done to death.  3rd and ultimately the last Eureka moment…….write a blog…..ta daaaa!!!

So, the aim of this blog – go where no coffee blogger has been before, search the country far and wide for the finest coffee shop and tell the world.

This is my 1st post so let’s hope it gets better.  I will publish as often as possible, places where we have been with a personal grading system, (yet to be fully finalised but will involve coffee, accessibility and toilets….very important as I get older!), so I can share the fun we have visiting beautiful places and drinking fine coffee, (or tea in Sarah’s case). I will improve the site as I go along so all ideas welcomed and if you know of a café or coffee spot that needs a visit let me know and we can add it to the ever growing list.

Author: the1stcoffeehouse

I am a self confessed coffeeholic, walker and lover of life. I have a wonderful wife, (you'll hear more about her), and three amazing children. I live in a great town, although widely thought of as not a great town, surrounded by gorgeous countryside. I also earn money through working as a Manual Handling Consultant, (www.mjbtraining.co.uk) in order to fund my coffee addiction.

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